Environmental sustainability is in our blood.

After third generation owner John Machin entered the family business in the 1940’s, he was said to have, “shuddered at the memory of rainforests being slaughtered” to cater for the war.

John was ahead of his time, developing an unparalleled knowledge of the bush throughout the Manning Valley and selectively sourcing hardwoods from private landowners. Hardwood is now one of the most sustainable building materials available and the hardwood industry has changed to match John’s vision of an industry that respects and values the natural environment.

These days, people want to know where their timber comes from. Our timber is harvested only from renewable resources, in full accordance with forestry standards. Timber sourced from private landholders is licensed under the Native Vegetation Act 2003 and we follow the Responsible Wood Certification system for timber derived from state forests, meeting the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management.

At Machin’s Sawmill, a sustainable solar kiln is used to dry our timber, and we ensure all waste products are re-purposed. Our goal is to continue to provide timber far into the future, which goes hand in hand with a commitment to the natural environment.